In the organizer's words:

The name of this project is "Gadag 가닥".
Gadag 가닥 is a word from Korea.
You can say "ga-dag".
The word means a long thread.
There are many events in this project: Exhibitions, talks, performances, films, workshops and more.
The events will take place at the cultural center "Oyoun" in Berlin-Neukölln from March 24 to April 30.
In this project we talk about wars.
We talk about the experiences of women, children, mothers, injured people, refugees, people with disabilities, sex workers and more.
These people go through a lot in a war.
But their stories are often forgotten.
We bring their stories together.
We talk about wars in Korea, Vietnam and Japan and how the West has influenced them.

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Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Straße 32 12049 Berlin

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