PHOTO: © Gardi Hutter

Gardi Hutter: Die Souffleuse

In the organizer's words:

Hanna is a specimen of an endangered species from the root vegetable family: prompter Hanna lives for the theater - and under the theater. She has made herself at home below the stage. From there, she looks down on the world, her world. She knows the whole play and all the actors. But nobody knows her. Her whispers are only called upon when they lose the thread in the light. She can practically work from her bed and only needs to dress up to chest height. That's all you can see of her anyway, especially not the audience. Hanna works with dedication. She recognizes the actors by their voices - and by the smell of their feet.
It's a shady life, but not a bad one. She amuses herself in her own quirky way with props forgotten on stage and holds mumbling and babbling dialogues with the mortal remains of her deceased husband in an urn. But one evening, prompter Hanna is left sitting alone under her prompter's shell and Hamlet doesn't come back. The old theater has been closed, but no one has thought to tell prompter Hanna this great news. At this point, "Die Souffleuse" could have ended tragically, but Gardi Hutter's departure becomes the hilarious climax of the evening.

Cast: By and with: Gardi Hutter. Directed by: Fritzi Bisenz, Ueli Bichsel. Music: Franco Feruglio. Buildings: Urs Moesch, Thomas Freydl, Mechanics: Martin Fischer (a faire). Light and sound: Isabelle Ryser, Eli DeAmbros

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Bremer Shakespeare Company Schulstraße 26 28199 Bremen

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