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"How many obstacles do we, as a society, put in the way of people who are supposedly 'different'?" asks Nyke Slawik. Starting on September 26, the news overflowed around her person: "Nyke Slawik - First Trans Woman in the German Bundestag." But Nyke is more than this headline. The film accompanies her in the months of her candidacy until her election success. Meanwhile, Audrey Dilangu from the SPD in Dinslaken and Lilli Fischer from the CDU in Erfurt are fighting their very own battles in local politics. The three women have one thing in common: despite hate messages and racism, they defend their seemingly inexhaustible commitment. Jan Sebening

Germany 2021 - Authors: Jannika Quaas, Matthias Wölbing - Camera: Jakob Sinsel - Sound: Henrike Sommer, Daniel Kling, Stefan Erschig - Editing: Matthias Wölbing - Music: Jonas Vogler (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg), Lucie Fischer, Annabelle Müller, Jakob Klaffensteiner, Sönke Weißer (Popakademie Mannheim) - Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg - Louis Wick (und Jannika Quaas) - Original language: german - Subtitles: english, Ohne - Length: 59 min.

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