GHOST 4 - Performance Parcours 2 | Tom Förderer, gamut inc, Yuko Kaseki, Moeno Wakamatsu

In the organizer's words:

Butoh is more than an artistic performance, more than theater. Butoh is intended to develop an energetic dynamic that touches people at their core.

In Ghost 4, dancers and sound artists engage in an encounter in artistically and historically predetermined spaces of the Weltkunstzimmer, in installations created especially for this period.
Each medium initially follows its own material conditions and laws, just as the artists follow their own inspirations. The result is a space that attempts to lend an overarching vision to the existence of our temporary existence on this earth and in this life. The permanent becoming and passing away is given a dimension in the now that transcends time. Butoh is a collection of magical moments. Where does the movement, the sound, the vision begin and end?
The Ghost 4 Butoh Soundart Festival seeks the synergy of dance, sound, image and installation in order to trace the primordial human question of the meaning of life and transience in the mutually potentiating expression of these art forms.

The Belgian artist Willem Boel and the Düsseldorf sculptor Claudia Mann have been invited by the artist and director of the Weltkunstzimmer, Wolfgang Schäfer, to create walk-in settings between painting, sculpture and installation. As an exhibition, the works are witnesses to performative events, they embody the energy of movement and are simultaneously contemplative manifestations.
On two evenings, the spatial installations will become settings for the performance parcours of two dancers and two sound artists. Dancers Seiji Tanaka and Yukio Suzuki will travel from Japan to perform with Düsseldorf sound artists Tom Blankenberg (piano and live electronics) and seren.a (live electronics) on May 31. On June 7, the dancers Yuko Kaseki from Berlin and Moeno Wakamatsu from Normandy will meet the machine orchestra of gamut inc from Berlin and the live electronics of Cologne sound artist Tom Förderer.

The multifaceted location of the former bakery will be transformed into an experience space for the duration of the festival. The audience is invited to get involved and exchange ideas, inspired by the unique, exclusive and fantastic experiences. The Butoh dancers will also give insights into their own understanding of dance in one-day workshops, offering us an opportunity to incorporate this extraordinary approach into our own lives.

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WELTKUNSTZIMMER Ronsdorfer Str. 77a 40233 Düsseldorf

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