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"It's very easy to be like me, said the girl. Come and follow me." Leonie's rise as a teenage influencer is fabulously steep. More and more fans are following her on social media and doing everything they can to meet their idol live. For Leonie and her parents, it's clear that she's not just posting for fun, but to make some real money. The price is real life and they are willing to pay it. Melanie, the fangirl, is absorbed in Leonie's social media world. She experiences being offline as a disaster. But unlike Leonie, Melanie also opts for real contacts beyond the follower world. A fascinating insight into teenage years under the premise of social media. Nightmare or modern fairy tale? (Ysabel Fantou)

Switzerland 2022 - Director: Susanne Regina Meures - Writer: Susanne Regina Meures - Cinematographer: Susanne Regina Meures - Editing: Katja Dringenberg - Music: Berlin Girls Choir - Production: Christian Frei Filmproduktion GmbH - Produzent.innen: Susanne Regina Meures, Christian Frei - Sales and distribution: Rise And Shine World Sales UG - Original language: german - Subtitles: english - Length: 98 min.

Since November 2022 you can find a new film every month on our online platform for artistic feature-length documentaries. The first film was JONAS DEICHMANN - DAS LIMIT BIN NUR ICH. Since December 01, GIRL GANG, which celebrated its German premiere at DOK.fest Munich in May 2022 and was awarded the kinokino Audience Award, is available to you for a 5.00 Euro fee.

  • The film is available throughout Germany.
  • From the first start of the film, it is available for 48 hours. With "the first start" is meant the click on "PLAY".
  • If you have any questions regarding ticket purchase, our helpdesk or technical implementation, please feel free to consult our FAQs.
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