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gründer roms - etruskische schätze aus der villa giulia

In the organizer's words:

The Etruscans lived in central Italy at the time Rome was founded. Their highly developed culture and wide-ranging relationships not only contributed to the creation of the "Eternal City" in the 1st millennium BC. The influence of this powerful ancient people even served as a model for the founding of the Italian state over 2,000 years later.

In cooperation with the Etruscan National Museum, the Villa Giulia in Rome, the Landesmuseum Hannover is presenting top-class exhibits by the goldsmith and passionate collector of antiquities Augusto Castellani for the first time in Germany. Around 100 items on loan, supplemented by the museum's own objects, provide an exciting insight into the world of the Iron Age in Italy. At the same time, the exhibition also sheds light on collecting practices in the 19th century, when antiquity was an important point of reference for society, politics and science throughout Europe.

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