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Guitar Gangsters

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1977-style punk rock power band from London.

Formed: 1988.

Guitar Gangsters are inspired by bands from the first UK punk wave, such as The Clash, The Boys, Generation X, and The Jam. Combined with the energy and attitude of US bands like My Chemical Romance and Social Distortion, this is THE band YOU always wanted to be in!

You won't hear any hackneyed political slogans at a Gangsters show. What you can expect are cross-sections of urban life packed into two-minute power-punk bangers, stories about bad attitude, sex, ambition, success and failure. Guitar Gangsters are not going to change the world. But once you've seen them live, you'll take away the feeling that you can change the world yourself!

In their 30-year band history, Guitar Gangsters have released 10 studio albums, two live albums and countless singles. They have played live in 20 countries, including the USA, Brazil and Malta! They have toured England with Stiff Little Fingers and Europe with The Lurkers, 999 and TV Smith. Guitar Gangsters have played almost every punk festival in Europe and continue to play with the urgency and attitude that drove them to strap on their guitars in 1987. They still play like they have to save their own asses, or at least the future of rock'n'roll as we know it!

"Sex & Money" (Wanda Records/ Flight 13) is the name of their latest album, mixed and produced by none other than Daniel Rey in New York City, who has already produced albums for the Ramones, Misfits, Nashville Pussy, etc.

And since 2019, the Gangsters family has expanded to include guitarist Ed and become a four-piece in the premier punk rock league

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