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UK & European DEBÜT

A potentially once in a lifetime chance to see one of the most influential and important hip-hop collectives of all time LIVE.

The shows will be packed with underground classics as well as their typically alternative west coast energy, not to mention their good lyrics, plus jazz-infused beats and swing from the 90s.

The 25th anniversary of 3rd Eye Vision, in conjunction with 50 years of hip-hop and 30 years of 93 'til Infinity, will see the collective come to the UK and Europe for the first time with their full line-up. Following sell-out performances with Souls Of Mischief on their monumental anniversary tour last year - their shows were the talk of hip-hop in 2023 - the Hieroglyphics crew will perform on this side of the water for the first time in May and June 2024, and it promises to be very, very special .

Joined by platinum artist Del The Funky Homosapien, the tour will also be a rare opportunity to see a true favorite of alternative rap.

This is not due to a lack of demand, quite the opposite. It's because they want to create a unique Hiero tour. Whether collaborating with Damon Albarn on Gorillaz 'Clint Eastwood' and 'Rock The House' or the lyrical adventures of Deltron 3030, rapper 'Mistadobalina' remains top notch in everything he touches.

Formed by Del in the early 90s, Hieroglyphics have been cited as a major influence by a variety of talented artists. From Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest to The Roots, Andre 3000, Eminem, Kanye West, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, Mos Def and many more.

Casual, one of the founding members of the collective, played an important role from the very beginning. The rapper's impeccable style and introspection led to the release of second solo album 'Fear Itself' - a commercially underrated gem of an album that has stood the test of time - and remains one of the best underground albums ever. What Casual and Domino do on 'Follow The Funk' and beyond is incredible.

From their emergence to today, the Hiero crew are considered some of the most highly skilled lyricists in rap, breaking the norms of hip-hop with personal, emotional rhymes and staying on their own vibe, rather than exclusively gangsta rap, under

What Casual and Domino accomplish on 'Follow The Funk' and beyond is incredible. Considered some of the most highly skilled lyricists in rap from their inception to today, the Hiero crew broke the norms of hip-hop with personal, emotional rhymes, off their own vibe, rather than exclusively gangsta rap. Souls Of Mischief's '93 'til Infinity' remains one of the most respected and recognizable hip-hop classics of all time, referenced time and time again in pop culture. '93 'til Infinity' was awarded GOLD by the RIAA, and after a world tour of more than 120 shows in 12 months - the majority of which were sold out - it's clear that the group now reaches far beyond old-school and their popularity has grown even deeper with the world of streaming.

Along with Del, they are a true introduction to hip-hop for many people.

Their logo, designed by Del, was ranked as the third most recognizable music logo by Rolling Stone Magazine. Fans often show Hiero members their logo tattoo.

Praised by critics and fans alike for their unique sound and positive, introspective message, they have become internationally recognized as leaders of a new movement in rap that represents peace and unity, despite coming from a city rife with violent crime.

Since its inception, the Hiero team has made its mark in the hip-hop world, from limited edition merchandise to releasing a number of projects within Hiero. Imperium Records, which was founded in 1997, and collaborations with artists such as Jurassic 5, George Clinton, Dilated Peoples, Q-Tip, Snoop Dog, Xzibit and more.

"I have to give a big thanks to the Hieroglyphics crew and Souls of Mischief because as kids we were significantly influenced by them. When it comes to rap, I'd say [A Tribe Called Quest], Hiero and Das EFX - people don't mention them a lot - but for me it was about who had the most interesting things, interesting flows. And when it came to that, Tribe had their thing, Hiero had their thing, The EFX had their thing that was different from everyone else. When we came out, you could definitely hear the West Coast influence in our rhymes."

  • Andre 3000

André3000 sat downwith Def Jam Recordings co-founder Rick Rubin in Shangri-La for an episode of the Broken Record podcast .

During their conversation, 3 Stacks was asked about his influences and he recalled talkingto Eminem about their shared love of Bay Area hip-hop legends Hieroglyphics.

"When you're a kid at this point of discovery and you see these new ways of doing things, these new ways of rapping... the way Hieroglyphics rapped back then was totally new.... The bending of words.

"Me and Eminem, we sat on the phone for like an hour talking about the Hieroglyphics crew... we were exchanging their lyrics on the phone like, 'Remember, man?' They triggered so much, they opened a new door for everyone. Just being around that time and being... We were out when Wu was out. We were out when Nas was out. But we were from the South and we had to stand our ground."

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