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Ich, ich, ich! – Authentisches Spiel auf der Improbühne mit Nils Kretschmer

In the organizer's words:

Authenticity - my God, what does that even mean? Am I only authentic if I am also myself? So I can't play any characters on stage, or only those that have something to do with me? Conversely: If I credibly play a serial killer, should I be worried?

This workshop goes in search of this magical little thing that has convinced every audience member. A weekend about the art of going on stage without losing yourself, feeling what it means to be close to a character and understanding what excitement and fear actually have to do with it.

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Price information:

139.90 / 99.90 euros (reduced*) *The reduced fee applies to trainees, students and Köln-Pass holders, as well as people with financial difficulties.


Impro Köln / Studio A Aachener Straße 65 50674 Köln

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Impro Köln
Impro Köln Aachener Straße 65 50674 Köln

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