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In the organizer's words:

Monte Fiasco, or the peak of catastrophe.

The fourth album by NDW post-punkers ILLEGALE FARBEN from Cologne provides a gloomy, driving soundtrack to the big and small crises in our private lives and in the world.

The tour kicks off in spring 2024 just in time for the album.

At their concerts, Illegale Farben will present both the new album and a journey through the first three works.

IllegaleFarben play their gray-black music at the breaking points of post-punk, Neue Deutsche Welle and indie.

Founded in 2015, Illegale Farben have now released 4 albums ("Illegale Farben" 2016; "Grau" 2017; "unbedeutend ungenau" 2021; "Monte Fiasko" 2024) on Rookie Records, spanning an arc that ultimately always bears the band's unmistakable signature.

Since the band was founded, they have also toured extensively throughout Germany with a colorful mix of acts such as Love A, Schrottgrenze, Duesenjaeger, Belgrad and Angelika Express.

Illegale Farben continue to prove themselves to be a band that does not stagnate and certainly does not repeat itself musically. They don't take the easy way out and succeed in giving their music the urgency that we feel in every song. As they themselves sing in "Marsch ins Verderben": "On and on and on / The beauty lies in failure."

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