Internationaler H-TEAM e.V. - Comic Wettbewerb 2024 zum Thema „Geduld“

In the organizer's words:

International H-TEAM e.V. - Comic Competition 2024 on the theme
"Patience" Patron Sanne Kurz (MdL, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünenparliamentary group) as part of the event series "Social issues meet art and culture"

Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in the art competition and maysubmit up to one work digitallyfrom the
Comic section.Please readthe below
conditions of participation carefullybefore submitting!

The word patience (also anciently: long-suffering) describes the ability to wait or endure something.
Patience is often considered a virtue; its opposite is impatience. Those who are prepared tolivewith
unfulfilled longings and unfulfilled desires or consciously postpone them for a time arepatient.
This ability is closely linked to the ability to hope.Patience is also the ability toenduredifficulties, suffering
or annoyingsituations with composure and steadfastness(source Wikipedia).

"Patience is a virtue", "Patience isthe crown of the teacher", "Patience brings roses", "Patience is the key
to joy", "Patience leads to inner peace". There are many proverbs and Patience is our daily work at
H-TEAM and an important topic in helping people in need here in Munich since 1990. Our clientsneed
patiencewith themselves and with us, as the help does not immediately have the effect thatone wouldoften wish for
. With the competition, we want to initiate a debate on this above-mentioned topic
using artistic meansand look forward to active participation.We are curious to see how the topic
will be dealt with and which forms of implementation will emerge.

We areverypleased and , if you havethe opportunity to draw the attention of potential supporters and interested
artists to this event.

The opening of the exhibition and the award ceremony areplannedfor 14.11.2024 at theH-TEAM
premises.Further details will be announced in good time. Please also
websiteregularly at : .
We look forward to your comiccontribution and will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
Yours sincerely
Torsten Sowa
Public Relations
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