Ivan Thieme - "Fühl ich"

Spoken word Comedy Ivan Thieme
In the organizer's words:

It is virtually impossible not to spontaneously like him as he stands there on stage in his light gray suit and chats about his life. With his special humor, which makes him look both lovingly and amusedly at his many "strange habits," he has long since earned a firm place for himself on the stages of the capital. People know him, even though he is one of the youngest in Berlin's comedy underground: Ivan Thieme. Now he presents his first full-length solo with "Fühl ich".

In his jokes, he prefers to talk about his everyday life - and likes to appear a bit awkward or even a bit embarrassed. But appearances are deceptive. At least a little bit. Ivan not only has his own unique view of the world, he's also got it all figured out. As an astute observer, he regularly hits the mark with his self-deprecating descriptions, which often take unexpected turns: whether it's language hurdles, hopeless Tinder experiments or embarrassing encounters in the ice cream parlor, the effects of Corona on relationships and dating, life in the big city or the parenting methods of his Ukrainian mother - Ivan is able to wring at least one excellent punchline out of everything and everyone. His observations are on the one hand very subjective, but at the same time so universal that one almost inevitably finds oneself in them and therefore cannot laugh at him, but with him.

Perhaps Ivan is (still) too young to be sarcastic or cynical. More likely, though, it's just not in him. He scoffs. Passionately. But he doesn't mock. How he perceives himself and the scenes he finds himself in is somehow gentle. And affectionate. That's why it can happen that Ivan laughs on stage as much as his audience in the hall. And they are guaranteed to have a good time - in a very special, wonderfully light and carefree way.

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