PHOTO: © Julia Wittmann


In the organizer's words:

Since 2020 at the latest, video platforms have become an indispensable communication and work tool. This has permanently changed the way we think and act. In her project Capturing Nowness, Janna Jirkova focuses on this video platform technology as a medium in its own right. The digital communication medium is deliberately not understood as a substitute for a missing analog situation, but becomes an essential technical and aesthetic component of the work, in which the fusion of digital and analog spatial perception and experience creates new mixed realities.

Jirkova's media-reflexive and multi-perspective installation focuses on the interfaces of interaction that arise in our everyday actions between technical devices, digital spaces and our bodies. The multimedia staging combines her performance, which will be livestreamed during the opening, with pre-produced video clips and analog sculptures that double the artist's body as impressions and expand its functions.

In a deliberately playful and process-oriented way, Jirkova negotiates the different qualities of analog and digital spaces. The installation Capturing Nowness invites visitors to experience the ambivalences of these mixed realities in a sensual way.

The exhibition will be accompanied by further performances, talks and two oil workshops that reflect on the topic of the interfaces between digital and analog bodies and spaces from different perspectives and make them tangible.

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MaximiliansForum Maximilianstraße 38 80539 München

Artist | Painter & Drawer


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