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In the organizer's words:

A pinch of rebellion à la Rio Reiser, paired with the poetry of the fragile emotional world of young adults who fully surrender to the moment without losing themselves in the responsibility of tomorrow. Hannes and Julian, aka JUDI&COCHO embody with their songs the youthful here and now and capture all their impressions in powerful soundscapes: With delicate tones and epic arrangements, they have created their very own signature sound alongside light-hearted hymns.

On their debut EP "eigentlich ganz normal" JUDI&COCHO now manage to depict all their facets and idiosyncrasies and thus take their listeners on a journey through their lives, all the machinations and inner conflicts that occupy a young person in search of himself. A colorful, emotionally charged bouquet of musical works, with which JUDI&COCHO set a next milestone and want to stir up the German-speaking indie world a bit. In the end, however, they remain one thing above all: actually quite normal.

In the spring of next year, the duo and band will go on their first club tour and then tour Germany and Austria for nine dates. In their luggage they will not only have their debut EP "eigentlich ganz normal", but also new songs from their second EP, which will be released in March 2024.

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Club Stereo Klaragasse 8 90402 Nürnberg

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