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The kaethe:k artists Minh-Duc Co and Clara Gott present their works in the KKT Café. The exhibition shows drawings and paintings that deal with comics, manga and anime in a variety of ways. At the exhibition opening, several video performances (2021-2024) by Oskar Lovis will be shown in the theater hall. Enjoy a delicious drink and let yourself be touched by the inspiring atmosphere of the exhibition!

Minh-Duc Co
born 2000 in Siegburg, lives in Hürth and works in Pulheim

Minh-Duc Co has been working on an extensive body of drawings since his childhood, reflecting his interest in science fiction films and Japanese anime. He meticulously devotes himself to drawing the protagonists of his favorite series. In addition to numerous construction drawings, Minh-Duc Co creates graphic, colored sheets that combine popular characters from film history in a variety of ways.

Clara Gott
born 2002 in Neuss, lives and works in Pulheim

Clara Gott deals with topics such as medicine, neurology, dream research and the boundaries between man and machine. Her meticulous drawings and collages show anonymous and generative bodies whose worlds of thought are fragmented by text elements and whose unambiguity remains concealed by means of a lifeless comic style. The paintings, on the other hand, have a strangely liberating effect. With irony, humor and cool pop aesthetics, Clara Gott segments human - mostly female - bodies and lets them float almost weightlessly in a cosmos of abstract forms and neon color playfulness.

Oskar Lovis
born 2002 in Aachen, lives and works in Pulheim

Oskar Lovis has been working across genres in the form of photography, installations, video performances and music since 2020. The central themes of his artistic work are questions of personal identity and the questioning of human forms of consciousness. Lovis stages his photographs and stories in front of a running camera, slipping into various roles himself or staging non-professional actors. In dialog with the camera, he creates works that (often humorously) tell of exhibitionist loneliness and ironic intimacy.

The kaethe:k Kunsthaus offers aspiring artists with disabilities a studio space in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, new and interdisciplinary media. Here, framework conditions for artistic work and access to cultural and educational institutions are created, which are necessary for their individualized and self-determined professionalization and recognition.

Exhibition opening: Sunday, June 23, 6 p.m. - cordial invitation!
Exhibition duration: June 23 to July 19
Opening hours: Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays, 11:00 - 15:00 and during performance times
Location: KKT. Kölner Künstler:innen Theater, Grüner Weg 5 / Melatengürtel, 50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld
Free admission!

Invited by Hannah Schmitz-Stevens

The project "TOGETHER UNIQUE - WHO PRESENTS WHOM" is funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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KKT. Kölner Künstler:innen Theater Grüner Weg 5 50825 Köln

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