Kareth Schaffer: Unser Ort in Düsseldorf

In the organizer's words:

Young Dance House - take-off Festival

Performance for all from 12 years on.
In collaboration with students of the St.-Benedikt-School.

How many people know their neighbors, let alone the kiosk owner next door? The city is often a place of great anonymity. And yet every city has its own rhythm: stores open and close at certain times of the day, students go to school, streetcars stop, unload passengers and continue their journey, students return from school. Exactly these rhythms are the inspiration for the urban choreography Unser Ort (Our Place) in Düsseldorf, in which students of the St. Benedikt School use the urban terrain as a basis for observing common movements. Together with choreographer Kareth Schaffer, they explore and document the stories and everyday life of their immediate surroundings and bring them - in all the abundance of traffic, noise and bustle - dancing onto the small stage of the tanzhaus nrw.

Duration: 30 min.
Age recommendation 12+
Little language, in German. Use of loud music.

Please direct ticket inquiries for school performances to Maresa Grote-Sinn:
Other visitors are also welcome to attend the school performances.

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tanzhaus nrw Erkrather Str. 30 40233 Düsseldorf

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