Klaus Birk - Adam, Eva und der Trump-Tower - Best of

In the organizer's words:

1,000 scenes on the radio. 250 on television. Author of the Mäulesmühle for 14 years. Cabaret artist for 27 years. Birk plays his best. Enriched by current side kisses, Birk shows scenes from his stage, radio and TV programs. Political, everyday, respectively and fantastic. And talks incessantly while standing, running, sitting and walking. There are political smirks about Stuttgart, the Minister President and his dream team, about underground tunnel fumes, the health of the reforms, about global cows farting on the Ganges and there is laughter about the fine dust of environmental badges. Birk is surprised by the price of oil, the Indian who fills up his tank and the Chinese who are hungry for steel, monitors himself via satellite and always knows where he is eating. A real "talk to smile event". He talks and they practise public laughing. And Birk also talks about elephants on the highway, laughing cormorants on Lake Constance and talking monkeys in Italy, reports about bananas on mountains, camels in the desert and sand in the Himalayas. He tells of dream women, stapled laptops and the uprising of plastic flies. Birk takes his time, his own, holds a mirror up to himself in the hope that his belly will still fit in the mirror and jokes about sport, doping, running and getting fired. Yes, there is also chirping about women and mourning over men. The interpersonal withdrawals are confused and the participants are disposed of separately. And he already states here: We can do everything, except for what.


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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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