Klaus Birk - Oh Heimatländ!

In the organizer's words:

This time, the cabaret artist, author of Mäulesmühle (Hannes & der Bürgermeister), columnist and writer of countless TV and radio scenes, dedicates himself to the wonder of the south.
It's spring in the cities, love is in se är and the Birk comes to Renitenz and sings: No homeland in this time, as here ours far and wide!
Many a figure of light has become a candlestick on the arm of history, but the Birk does not allow himself to be deprived of hope or joy, he reads, tells, plays, reports, cheerfully, thoughtfully and contemplatively.
Even though he knows that no matter how hard life is, there will always be a bump in the road. Nevertheless, he is happy about "the Länd" in the forest of green, is fascinated by the digital of the unsuspecting, by bee welfare and apple happiness, by friendship in times of crisis and by love, which is by far the most beautiful thing?
And so he advertises together with everyone: Kommet zu Hauff, oh kommet! It's really great fun to live in the Länd of Baden-Schwaben-Berg, se Länd of Pöts and Sinkers - of se Dichter und Denker, of Schillermän änd Hölderländ, of Käbbler, OneStone änd se Hesse.
So peoples hear the signals: Come to the country - we need you! Oh come, you creators, lovers, come. Come to se Birk and to se Promis Länd. Come to se Renitenz.

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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