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Klingspor permanent

In the organizer's words:

What distinguishes book art from painting? How do books and writing need to be viewed? Which famous artists can be discovered in both fields? And above all: what role did Karl Klingspor play in this?

These and many other exciting questions are answered by the permanent exhibition in the Klingspor Museum, which puts the treasures of the collection in the right light. The permanent exhibition in the historic part of the building, from the first floor to the top floor, provides an insight into the history of the museum, focusing on the type foundry of the brothers Karl and Wilhelm Klingspor and the six main areas of the collection: type, press printing, painters' books, artists' books, illustration and posters. To ensure that the exhibition content remains exciting and meets the conservation requirements of a graphic art collection, our exhibits are changed every six months.

The artist Corinna Krebber, who has been associated with the museum for many years, developed a graphic design to link the appearance of the exhibition across all floors. Seating at various stations invites visitors to a more intensive encounter with the works of art. Artistic techniques can be tried out and small souvenirs created using the materials provided. Low display cases are easily visible for visitors in wheelchairs.

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Klingspor Museum Herrnstraße 80 63065 Offenbach am Main

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