Kristina Bogansky

Spoken word Comedy Bühnenkunst & Theater
In the organizer's words:

Kristina Bogansky, Berliner by choice, has been touring Germany since 2017 with honest stand-up comedy based on the American model. With an outstanding authentic stage presence, she draws the audience into her world.

Bogansky is a modern single parent, so mother and father in one, and that's where you either develop a great sense of humor or become a professional lunatic. She chose to do both. It's not always easy, but it's always honest. Of course, Bogansky is not only a mother, but also a woman. But does not talk about her days, because they usually only repeat. Nor does she pull out a guitar and sing feminist hymns, because she only knows how to play the flute. A thousand perspectives on life, somewhat wicked, always self-deprecating and above all incredibly funny. In "Play Hard" she bravely and timely faces the questions that others never ask, because they're probably just busy with other things. But Bogansky is so free and takes it on. From gangsta rap to happy endings to heartbreak, no topic is too banal for Bogansky. Charming and opinionated, she analyzes everything that crosses her mind. Fresh, modern and funny, she even manages to pick up the childless. Can only be recommended, simply "Play Hard".

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Schmidtchen Spielbudenplatz 21/22 20359 Hamburg

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