Kunst Gegen Bares - IV. Quartalsfinale

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In the organizer's words:

One last time and shortly before the big Christmas Gala, it takes place, the big Kunst Gegen Bares quarterly final. Here, all the winners of the last 4 shows will compete against each other once again to choose a winner and thus finalist for the big annual finale on December 21.
"Art for cash" is basically the Muppet Show, only with people instead of pigs, frogs, dogs and bears. All according to Uncle Kermit's motto: "Take what you have and fly with it!"

Each artist, according to the idea, receives a piggy bank into which the audience puts money after the performance. The basis for assessment is exclusively the taste and wealth of the individual audience members.
The seven rules for "art for cash":

1. spectators and artists come the same way and sit together in the audience.
2. the artists are brought onto the stage from the audience by the moderator.
3. presentation time must be equally limited for all artists.
4. each artist receives a piggy bank after the presentation.
5. the audience is asked to reward the art they have experienced by putting money into the respective piggy banks.
6. 100% of the money in the piggy banks will go to the artists.
7. the artist with the most money will be crowned "Capitalist Pig of the Evening".

ENTRANCE: AK: 12 € (2 € of it are given back in the form of chips, so that they can be put into the piggy bank of the artists, among others)

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Price information:

10,00 €

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