Kunst Workshop „Abstraktion, Figuration und Emotion“ in München, Deutschland

Active & Creative Workshop Kreativ Abstrakte Kunst
In the organizer's words:

"If I could say it with words, there would be no reason to paint."

This quote by Edward Hopper pretty much describes why and in what way the large-scale artworks of Katja Jungwirth are created.

Katja is a self-taught artist from Munich, slightly obsessed with the color pink, untreated canvas and strong coffee. She paints her pictures mainly in acrylic, but also uses other materials such as oil pastels, charcoal or spray paint. As inspiration serve her, in addition to their own feelings, often song lyrics, poems or quotes from books.

Originally Katja painted exclusively abstract, but over time, more and more figurative motifs have emerged - always feminine, expressive and emotional. She alternates freely between abstraction and figuration and it is this mixture that creates excitement and uniqueness.

"What makes art so exciting and so special to me is the fact that there is no "right" or "wrong" here, no "this is how it has to be" or "this is not how it should be." In art, anything is possible, and art gives us any freedom we dare to take ourselves."

In the three-hour art workshop "Abstraction, Figuration and Emotion," you will have the opportunity to create your own large-scale acrylic painting on (untreated) canvas. Starting with a figurative sketch that you will make yourself at the beginning of the workshop, you can give free rein to your feelings and put everything that moves you on the canvas.

How abstract or figurative you design the work, is completely up to you. Artist Katja offers the necessary support and inspiration, gives technical guidance, provides valuable tips and is happy to answer any questions that arise during the creative process.

To make the figurative drawings, you will receive your personal sketchbook at the beginning of the workshop, which you can then take home and continue to fill with your own ideas. In addition, you will of course receive your self-made work of art (on stretched canvas ... "ready to hang" so to speak :-).

Katja is looking forward to the creative exchange with you! xxx

The art workshop "Abstraction, Figuration and Emotion" is just right for you if you:

  • don't like any restrictions regarding abstract or figurative painting and would like to try both.
  • want to give your emotions the necessary space when painting.
  • like to try new things - without fear of doing something wrong or not being able to do something (by the way, everyone can paint).
  • want to create your own work of art for your home.

No previous experience is necessary!

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours
Number of persons: 1 - 3 persons
Location: In the studio and home of Katja Jungwirth in Munich, or at your place*.
Price per person: 169 €; including personal sketchbook, a canvas in the size 70 x 90 cm and all other materials (by the way, there are also other colors than pink :-)); also snacks and drinks.

*If interested in a workshop outside of Munich, additional travel costs will apply; please inquire in advance.

Workshop languages: German or English
minimum lead time: 7 days

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Im Atelier und Zuhause von Katja Jungwirth in München, oder bei Euch vor Ort München


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