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Kurzfilmprogramm: Paths - Rêk und A Coffin for Life - Tabûtek bo Jiyan

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2nd Kurdish Film Festival Munich 2024:

Paths - Rêk: Autonomous Region of Kurdistan 2022, short film, drama, 11 min, Kurdish with English subtitles. Director: Azhin Kawa

In 2014, ISIS attacks the town of Shingal and the surrounding villages. Haider and 21 members of his family escape the terrorists. When the course of their lives changes drastically, Haider must choose a path.

A Coffin for Life - Tabûtek bo Jiyan: Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, Germany 2022, short film, fiction, 14 min, Kurdish with English subtitles, Director: Jiyar Jahan Fard

While working as a Kolbar*, a quarrel arises between father and son, which begins with the son's exhaustion. The father tells him an old Kurdish legend to encourage him to persevere in their kolbari work. But the son talks about his love, who has turned away from society and joined the freedom fighters because of the ongoing situation in Kurdistan. In the midst of their argument, they are shot dead by Iranian border guards ...

*Kolbar are porters from the Kurdish-Iranian border provinces who earn their living by transporting goods across the Iranian-Iraqi and Iranian-Turkish borders.

This will be followed by a discussion with the director Jiyar Jahan Fard.

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Münchner Stadtbibliothek im HP8 Hans-Preißinger-Straße 8 81379 München

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