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Lesung mit Helena Barop: Der Große Rausch. Warum Drogen kriminalisiert werden. Eine globale Geschichte vom 19. Jahrhundert bis heute

In the organizer's words:

In the past, various cultures have repeatedly tried to contain intoxication through rules and rituals. However, drugs as a separate category of prohibited substances are an invention of the last 200 years.

In her book "The Great Intoxication", historian Helena Barop tells the story of their criminalization and shows that the arguments behind it have less to do with health protection than one might hope. In her lecture, she talks about her research process, explains how and why her attitude to the topic has changed and reads passages from her book, which has a mind-altering effect on many readers.

Dr. Helena Barop was born in Bonn in 1986 and lives with her family in Freiburg. Since completing her doctorate on American drug history in 2021, she has worked as a freelance author, historian, ghostwriter, editor and director. Her book Der große Rausch. Why Drugs are Criminalized. A Global History from the 19th Century to Today was published by Siedler-Verlag in October 2023.

- 10 EUR, reduced 5 EUR

- Museum of Asian Art, 3rd floor, room 316

- "Religious art of Southeast Asia/Hinduism, courtly art"

- from 12 years

- Language: German

- Belongs to: Ethnological Collections and Asian Art

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Humboldt Forum Schloßplatz 10178 Berlin

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