Liederpoetrykabarettwahnsinn: Mackefisch und ihr Programm „Harmoniedergang“

In the organizer's words:

The cabaret duo Mackefisch will be performing their program "Harmoniedergang" at the Käs in Frankfurt on 22.05.2024.

With harmony singing that melts you away and fast-paced word acrobatics, Mackefisch take aim at the emotional state of our society: funny and silly, imaginative and poetic, biting and merciless.

Lucie Mackert and Peter Fischer make use of a wild mixture of instruments, from piano, banjo and guitar to electronic gameboy sounds and self-made upcycling drums from old suitcases.

Whether martial and driving or loosely swinging - the forward-pressing energy of this two-person orchestra is infectious. With Harmoniedergang, Mackefisch delivers the catchy soundtrack of our time.

Mackefisch have won numerous awards and prizes (Mindener Stichling 2022, St. Ingberter Pfanne 2022, Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg 2021 and others).

By the way: In order to be sustainable on tour, the two drag their 80 kg of luggage by hand through the train stations of this republic. All suitcases are treated appropriately.

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Price information:

VVK from 20,40€ At known VVK outlets and online


dieKÄS Frankfurt a.M. Waldschmidtstr. 19 60316 Frankfut am Main

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