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A love story is a love story and a family is a family. This is impressively demonstrated by the Welsh "Lost Boys & Fairies", which also functions as a story of finding identity and becoming parents. Gabriel and Andy are at the center of the Cardiff-based story, which is more than just the homosexual version of classic TV love stories. Gabriel in particular takes center stage here as a fascinating performer in a queer nightclub. He in particular has to come to terms with his own childhood memories on the way to adopting Andy. Which also means repairing the relationship with his father before he himself can accept the role of parent. A process that the British BBC broadcasts over three episodes and which can be seen in its entirety on the series camp.

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2,55 €


Cinenova Köln-Ehrenfeld Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

Location | Cinema

Cinenova Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

Organizer | Festival

SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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