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MAIKA & Hannah Weiss Group

In the organizer's words:

MAIKA - that's the name of the new band around singer Maika Küster, which impresses with its catchy and sophisticated songs. Maika Küster is known for her formation "Der weise Panda" as well as various solo, duo and trio projects. Her pieces always form a continuous flow, are ballad-like, sometimes rocky and always remain intuitive and effortless, even with their many surprising melodic twists and turns.

Hannah Weiss Group

When Hannah Weiss sings, you understand every word. The warm voice of the singer, who grew up in Switzerland, brings together things that don't seem to belong together: a creamy, soft timbre and impressive power, even when she breathes. Her squeaky-clean technique allows for easy leaps and turns and creates music of truly gripping intensity.

Her band also includes three other musicians who met at the Munich Academy of Music. All of them are active in the jazz scene there. Together they play precise, dynamic jazz with touches of pop and electronics, leaving plenty of room for each solo. There is a constant correspondence between them. Sometimes they play on their own, then meet up with someone else, play a piece together and then split up again.

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Milla Club Holzstraße 28 80469 München

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