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Support: Sylosis, Justice for the Damned, Guilt Trip


Between hardcore punk and modern metal Quintet from Sheffield on tour with 3rd album "Malicious Intent" In November/December seven shows in Germany Breaking boundaries, finding new forms of expression, counteracting the pigeonholing of hard music by writing songs that defy all classic categories: Listening to the British quintet Malevolence from Sheffield, one might assume that this is what the band is all about. However, on their three albums and two EPs to date, the band has formulated this special sound between hardcore punk and thrash metal, metalcore and stoner rock, beatdown and sludge metal in a purely intuitive, powerful way. It's easy to see that nothing here has been designed on the drawing board, but is simply the expression of five young musicians who express their anger at the world and its condition in an appropriately drastic manner. The latest testimony to this is their current, third album "Malicious Intent", which Malevolence will be taking on the road from November 13 in Hamburg, Cologne, Chemnitz, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Oberhausen - accompanied by special guests Sylosis, Justice for the Damned and Guilt Trip.

The brutal roots of Malevolence go back to 2010, when the two guitarists Josh Baines and Konan Hall joined forces with bassist Wilkie Robinson and drummer Charlie Thorpe. Baines and Hall had been close friends for some time at that point, indulging in their shared love of hard music since 2005 and performing on stage with a metal band for the first time at the age of 12. Together with Alex Taylor on vocals, they released their first demo in 2010, which immediately met with great enthusiasm in the lively hardcore scene in their home region of South Yorkshire. With a constant supply of new metal and hardcore samplers and self-organized road rage tours, the seeds for Malevolence were sown. In 2013, they entered the world of professional music for the first time with the release of their debut album "Reign of Suffering", toured Europe with Dying Fetus and then stormed across America with Kublai Khan and Jesus Piece.

The press was immediately impressed by the debut: Metal Hammer wrote, for example, "Malevolence sound as if Dimebag Darrell had joined Hatebreed to work on a sludge album", while Distorted Sound said: "Malevolence undoubtedly shine and lay down riffs that alternate between pounding metallic hardcore and dirty metal with consummate ease and equal competence." In 2017, the second album "Self Supremacy" followed, which, although stylistically similar, also integrated new elements such as stoner rock and lashing thrash metal into their widely differentiated sound.

A unique case in the British metal scene, the band decided to found their own label after the second album with MLVLTD in order to release not only their own music but also that of their friends; the label's artist portfolio now also includes bands such as Fit for an Autopsy and Thy Art Is Murder. After a series of praise for their first self-released EP "The Other Side", which features Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris on the track "Keep Your Distance", Malevolence set about writing and recording "Malicious Intent" - in the shadow of COVID and a global lockdown.

But the five-piece turned their isolation into a focus and delivered an album that felt like a pure explosion. Commercially, too: for the first time, one of their albums has climbed the charts in many countries, with numerous songs receiving between one and five million Spotify plays. They have thus established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the British metal scene. Because their intention to make unique, hard music has never been so consistently realized.

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