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Maria Clara Groppler - MEHRJUNGFRAU

In the organizer's words:

Maria Clara Groppler "Mehrjungfrau" (More Virgin)

Maria Clara Groppler is definitely the most diverse and exciting female stand up comedienne on the German comedy scene. Behind the dangerous Madonna's likeness hides a talented comedienne with a coarse but charming sense of humor.

After the great success of her first live program "Jungfrau" Maria Clara Groppler proudly presents her second program: "Mehrjungfrau". The only logical successor!

In the program Maria will address the problems of the modern multi-virgin in the 21st century:

* "What toilet do you actually go to? On the one hand, you're a woman, on the other... well, there is this tail."

* "As a multi-virgin, is it okay to eat sushi or does that already count as cannibalism?"

* "And if you catch something - do you go to the vet or gynecologist?

Beyond these considerations, Maria Clara Groppler also focuses on more serious topics. For example: Where are the multi-virgins in politics?Where are Ariel Merkel or Olaf Scholle?

For too long, the topic of "multiple virginity" has been hushed up in society. With her new program Maria Clara Groppler wants to break the silence and illuminate the taboo humorously, but also critically.

Maria Clara Groppler is with her second live program "Mehrjungfrau" from spring 2024 on Germany tour.

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Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz Aachener Straße 5 50674 Köln

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