PHOTO: © Enrico Meyer

Mathias Tretter - Nachgetrettert – der satirische Jahresrückblick

In the organizer's words:

Don't you wonder where the last few years have gone? As if they had simply been cut out of life. Nothing was the same anymore. Mathias Tretter didn't do an annual review for a whole six years. Because at some point he asked himself: Why remember everything again that annoyed you the first time you heard it? It's enough that it happened once. But with every new live ticker, the demand increases - where there is so much present, you also need a bit of past. And Mathias Tretter is now providing it again. "Nachgetrettert!" is back! In two hours, everything you would rather have forgotten. But retold in a way that makes you think: "It was the time of our lives!"

"If you don't manage to get up from the couch, you'll never experience how entertaining, enlightening and wonderfully funny an evening of cabaret can be. Tretter manages to speak and act in such an outrageously relaxed, non-chalant style and manner, while maintaining the same high intellectual standards, that one's thoughts never stray halfway." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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