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What to expect:

After a short introduction, we'll dive together into a breathing journey that's facilitated by the groove and rhythm of specifically curated music and sounds. If you have no experience with breathwork, you can let yourself be guided by my voice and clear signals in the music that help distinguish the different phases. The more you surrender to your breath, the deeper the experience becomes. Phases of more intense breath will interchange with moments of breath retention and relaxation, building towards a climax and unwinding into a gentle landing at the end. In the process, emotions or insights may come up - or it might just feel really really good and relaxing! 😊 The best is to come without too many expectations.

What's a musical breathwork journey?

This format is my personal approach to breathwork and music, combining elements of the Wimhof method, holotropic breath and meditation. I like to keep the experience as personal and individually open as possible for everyone, so there won't be any lectures on metaphysical topics or interpretations of what's to come or has happened - it is your experience and I see myself mostly as a space holder and musical facilitator.

The music for the journey will be different for each session.


19.55-20.10 Arrival (Please be on time so that we may start together at 20.15)

20.15-21.15 Musical Breathwork Journey

21.15-21.30 Unwinding, Sharing, Open space for Questions

Where & What to Bring:

The Session will be held inside UHU Nest which is a protected space and has everything we need (Blankets, Water, Yoga Mats etc.). Please bring comfortable clothes to lie down and sit.

Go into the courtyard of the address, all the way to the end, right; then into the staircase, 2nd floor and the door to your left - it's not in the UHU sauna space, but opposite of it :)

*** Entrance on the evening is 15€ ***


I have been practicing music in one way or another for most of my life and have delved deeper into breathwork in the past years, developing my own approach somewhere between Wimhof, holotropic breath and musical meditation. I am a certified facilitator for Hero's Journeys and have backgrounds in Gestalt and Musical Therapy.

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Please don't attend if:

You suffer from serious illness, physical wounds, epilepsy, strong medication or are in pregnancy. Please also be cautious about attending if you have a history of panic attacks, psychosis or severe mental illness and disturbances. By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that you are mentally and physically stable and able to participate. Participation does not replace any therapeutic or conventional medical treatment and is generally at your own risk. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via text message/instagram.

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Urban Healing Unit UHU Moosdorfstraße 7-9 12435 Berlin

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