Nils Heinrich - Junger Gebrauchter

In the organizer's words:

Curtain up and pill alarm clock off for Nils Heinrich's new program. The cuddly cabaret artist, who was born 50 years ago in a different world, says "Well, you old skeleton?" to the second half of his life. Inside, he's still 25, but outside he's getting wrinkles on his neck. Some of the people who govern him are younger than him. As a child he wore tights, now he wears shrunken pants.

At this stage of his life, men talk less and less, women more and more. He is now his own research subject.
Will he become like his parents? Will he become conservative? Will he become even more forgetful than he already is? Is that even possible? Doesn't it make more sense to find alternative truths for yourself so that you have something of your own and set yourself apart from the stuffy youth?

He observes with interest how the others are also getting older. How the tattoos of people in his age group are lengthening because their connective tissue is slowly becoming too heavy for the piercings. Is it still worth becoming an influencer now? And for what, actually?

For corneal rasps? For porridge? And who should even watch it? People of the same age who hold their smartphone ever closer to their eyes? Why? Because their arms get shorter as they get older? Or so that they can still see anything at all on the display? Questions upon questions and a single insight: you can't see beyond the edge of your plate when you're the soup.

YOUNG USED. The new program from NILS HEINRICH.

"Nils Heinrich has mastered the rare art of telling funny stories about things that are not always funny.
things in a funny way."
Jochen Malmsheimer

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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