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Portraying young people caught between coming-of-age and socially relevant topics is probably more successful in Scandinavia than in any other region. Nudes" also has its origins in a Norwegian series, which has now been given a French adaptation after an Italian one. The focus is on three adolescents from different backgrounds who all have to deal with
confronted with cyberbullying and traumatizing intrusions into their private lives. Here is the young medical student who puts his fellow student in danger, there is the high school student plagued by questions of social predetermination, there is the young schoolgirl who becomes a victim of pedophile crime online. What they have in common is the abusive use of their nude photos, to which they each react differently. This anthology series succeeds in shedding universal light on an important topic from three different perspectives. We show you the young Ada's (3 episodes) in its entirety!

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2,55 €


Cinenova Köln-Ehrenfeld Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

Location | Cinema

Cinenova Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

Organizer | Festival

SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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