PHOTO: © Außenansicht, Foto: Luca Girardini

Pallavi Paul - How Love Moves: Prelude

In the organizer's words:

In this prelude to Pallavi Paul's upcoming major solo exhibition at the Gropius Bau in 2024, a scenography centered around the three-channel video installation Cynthia Ke Sapne / The Dreams of Cynthia (2017) immerses the historic Schliemann Hall in a twilight state between wakefulness and sleep.

The cinematic work refers to the contemporary poem of the same name by Anish Ahluwalia and deals with spheres of love and tenderness as well as the brutality of state violence. At the center are three protagonists: an executioner, a trans artist, and the literary figure Cynthia. While the lives of the first two interweave in a post-industrial setting in India, Cynthia appears as an imaginative and ever-changing figure moving through different spaces and dreamscapes.

The artistic approach of Pallavi Paul, Artist in Residence 2023 at Gropius Bau, can be located at the intersection of cinema, literature, and ongoing political fault lines. She uses the camera to question how spiritual, technological, and political regimes of "truth" are produced and maintained in public life. In her multidisciplinary practice, which spans film, installation, performance, drawing, and text, Paul is particularly interested in the tension between the document and its aesthetic form of expression - the documentary.

How Love Moves: Prelude will be accompanied by the program Six Days of Love, which will unfold between summer 2023 and spring 2024 as a series of cinematic readings, conversation formats, performances, and acoustic activations.

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Gropius Bau Niederkirchnerstr. 7 10963 Berlin

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