PHOTO: © Philippe Van Snick, Dag/Nacht, 1984–fortlaufend , Installationsansicht Eingangstor KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Foto: Frank Sperling, Courtesy Tatjana Pieters.

Pause: Billy Bultheel & James Richards Workers in Song

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daily 8:30 pm / admission 8 pm / duration: 60-70min

Workers in Song is the result of a collaboration between composer Billy Bultheel (b. 1987, BE) and visual artist James Richards (b. 1983, UK). Both are characterized by their ability to look beyond the boundaries of their respective disciplines. In their performance, which is influenced by the history of occult photography and spectral music, they combine film and music recordings from the archive with newly produced film and sound material. They repeatedly refer to their own earlier works, but also to everyday occurrences such as online hook-ups, to subcultures of past times and to the dark sides of romantic subjectivity.

The performance is modular and conceived without a fixed end. In Workers in Song, Bultheel and Richards present specially produced music and film material that is brought into a dialog with poems, films and pieces of music by other artists, without these losing their independence. At the same time, the artists reveal the points of reference and sources of inspiration that they value and that have shaped them. In the main hall of KW, Workers in Song breaks down the seamless and seemingly homogeneous structure of the cinema and the chamber concert into its individual parts and transforms itself into a musical Frankenstein. Many of the components are extraordinarily emotive and at the same time grossly distorting. They are a constant reminder of the permeable boundaries between inside and outside, between the self and others, and between the body and the world.

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12€ reduced/15€ regular

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KW Institute for Contemporary Art Auguststraße 69 10117 Berlin

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