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PIMP BLITZKID play LIMP BIZKIT - Germany's #1 Limp Bizkit Tribute Act

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Pimp Blitzkid - Germany's #1 Limp Bizkit Tribute Act back in Düsseldorf!
It wasn't just the sales of red New York Yankees baseball caps and baggy pants that skyrocketed after this phenomenon appeared at the turn of the millennium:
With over 40 million records sold, nu-metal pioneers Limp Bizkit remain one of the most successful bands of the last two decades.
Linkin Park? Rammstein? ...started out as bands supporting the "soft cookies". Eminem? Britney Spears? Christina Aguilera? ...they all had affairs of one kind or another with frontman Fred Durst and the whole of generations X and Y always knew all about them thanks to MTV, VIVA and BRAVO.
Despite all the musical controversies in the past, Limp Bizkit have established themselves as a timeless band that unites fans of all genres with their refreshing mix of hip-hop, metal and plenty of groove.
The musicians around Rich Durst (vocals), who could be Fred Durst's diabolical twin (both visually and vocally), formed as a Limp Bizkit tribute band in 2013 and have been covering all aspects of the American crossover icons ever since. This makes them probably the best of their kind in the world.
The Pimp Blitzkid repertoire includes songs from all the albums of the successful band, which has now been around for 30 years, and are performed in a live show with all the typical elements of the "Limp Bizkit style" and great attention to detail.
The quirky outfits and instruments of guitarist Wes Borland, the almost arrogant but always tongue-in-cheek snout of Fred Durst wearing a "red hat to the back" and, last but not least, the hits interpreted with the unbridled energy of the original, like "Rollin'", "Break Stuff", "Behind Blue Eyes", "Take A Look Around" or "My Way", not only make the hearts of die-hard fans beat faster, but also melt the whole audience into one euphoric, celebrating and dancing unit.
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