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"Rawfood-Workshops mit Rawchefin Alexandra Skirde" *Gourmet* - *Detox* - *Anti Aging*

In the organizer's words:

In these workshops, you will get to know the creative gourmet raw vegan magic of Düsseldorf raw chef Alexandra Skirde. Alexandra is a well-known blogger and has already published the two books "Powerfood für Deine Organe" and "Keep it Simple".

At her workshops at Purenote, you will get to know the taste explosions of gourmet raw food and how they work.
and you support the location in your area in the long term.

The menu for this evening will be prepared together and the price includes water for the participants. All other drinks will be charged separately.

If the minimum number of participants does not materialize on one date, the booked tickets will automatically be assigned to the alternative date. (i.e. either from 23.04. to 24.04., or vice versa).

"Spring magic"
- Avocado "egg" on crackers
- Red pesto
- Rocket / spinach salad with spinach and lemon dressing
- "Balsamic" lentil and sprout boats
- Zucchini spaghetti with cashew truffle cream
- Peanut-salted-caramel-nicecream

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Pure Note Brunnenstr. 30 40223 Düsseldorf

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