In the organizer's words:

A dizzying theater musical based on the poem of the same name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At Whitsun, Lion King Nobel invites his subjects to an early summer festival at his court. The entire animal kingdom gathers - from the crane to the wolf to the bear. Only one is missing: the fox named Reineke. When he is mentioned, the harmony is over. One angry complaint after the other is brought forward and Reineke Fuchs is accused of unbelievable crimes in his absence. The rooster, for example, laments the loss of his wife and children - Reineke is said to have eaten them for supper. When he is finally taken to court, the cunning liar - an animal relative of Ibsen's Peer Gynt - manages to butter up every man, woman and animal and get his head out of the noose. In the end, he even has a large following behind him and is appointed chancellor.

The moral: Not every loop-footed and rhetorically gifted person serves the just cause - on the contrary! But how can truth be distinguished from lies? How can one avoid falling for falsehoods? How does one remain true to one's own opinion, one's values?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was fascinated by the topicality of the 15th-century epic "La chanson de Renart," which already tells the story of the roguish fox, a parody of the late medieval feudal order. He saw parallels to his own time, which was marked by social upheaval, and set about a new translation and new poetry. The satirical work of twelve cantos, reminiscent of our present-day "convulsive society," in turn became the basis of many other adaptations for children and adults.

The director, musician and singer of the Hamburg band "Die Goldenen Zitronen" Schorsch Kamerun, who most recently presented the happening gala "All together now!" at the Residenztheater, brings "Reineke Fuchs" to the stage with an ensemble eager to play and sing as a dizzying theatrical musical for people aged ten and up.

Artistic direction

Production and composition Schorsch Kamerun
Stage Katja Eichbaum
Costumes Gloria Brillowska
Music PC Nackt
Lighting Markus Schadel
Video Jonas Alsleben
Dramaturgy Almut Wagner

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Marstall Marstallplatz 4 80539 München