Reiner Kröhnert - ER

In the organizer's words:

Stephen KING's ES is alive - has survived his defeat at the hands of the little pashas from the losers' club and is now called Friedrich Merz.

In this day and age, a good laugh is one that sticks in your throat. Reiner Kröhnert reliably delivers here. Whether he is parodying Trump, Robert Habeck, Boris Becker or Klaus Kinski and many others - he always gives the audience the feeling of getting to know the parodied characters in a new, sometimes disturbingly funny way.

The fact that he never crosses the line into defamation, despite his biting criticism, makes Kröhnert a cabaret artist and parodist who must be taken seriously - while at the same time the laughter is right where it belongs: in the throat.

In his 14th program "Reiner KRÖHNERTs ER", however, he lets it rip in such a creepy way that the laughter not only gets stuck in your throat, but sometimes also sends an ice-cold shiver down your spine. Because the future belongs to the 1.98 meter tall Teuton Friedrich Merz. He is lurking for any gap in power that presents itself and so the sword of Damocles of an impending Merz revolution hangs over the wobbly traffic light. None other than the old master of political parody cabaret Reiner Kröhnert, also 1.98 meters tall, embodies Friedrich Merz so authentically in size, facial expressions and language that one could almost speak of a double Friederich.

Curtain up for Reiner Kröhnert's piquant and explosive celebrity panopticon!

HE knows that "laughter is hope's last weapon". Have fun!
2022 Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg/Honorary Award

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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