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Rheinblut - Eine Stadt jagt einen Vampir

In the organizer's words:

Formerly a detective, Kurt Spindler now works as a private investigator. He is bored and frustrated, chronically broke and always messing with the Düsseldorf underworld. But then a gruesome series of murders shakes the city. Kurt's ambition is aroused. Together with young Maria, he sets off on the trail of Peter Kürten, the vampire of Düsseldorf.

Peter Kürten, nicknamed "The Vampire of Düsseldorf", was a German serial killer. The brutality of his murders and the hysteria they caused in the Rhineland made the manhunt for him the most watched criminal case in the Weimar Republic and also sparked international interest.

Based on the radio play of the same name by Gordon McBane, this play was developed exclusively for the Theater an der Luegallee.

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