Abgesagt | Romeo M.+Julia C.: Ende gut, alles gut!

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In the organizer's words:
Tybalt's beating at the hands of her suspected murderer Romeo M. is still fresh. Nevertheless, the Capulet family is planning a lavish wedding ceremony for their daughter Juliet with Count Paris. Apparently, they have few qualms about exchanging the black of misery and grief for the white of happiness within a very short time. One cannot get rid of the suspicion here: the Capulets despise Tybalt, who, however, was known for her sociopathic and slightly sadistic tendencies. Juliet Capulet's thunder of pain, Lady Capulet told Boa! in an exclusive interview, "testifies only to stupidity." Juliet, her mother said, wept less for Tybalt's death than for the fact that her butcher lived. A bad Romeo, in fact. But revenge for that is coming, every citizen of Verona should be unconcerned, for that matter.

With the support of: Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin / ACUD Theater / Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

10.00 - 15.00€


ACUD MACHT NEU Veteranenstr. 21 10119 Berlin

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