Salim Samatou - Cancel Culture

In the organizer's words:

In his fourth stage show "Cancel Culture", Salim Samatou analyzes the history of "Cancel Culture" in a humorous way. He uncovers the double standards of the "cancelers" and gets to the bottom of crucial questions such as: "Which professions enjoy cancel immunity?", "What did cancel culture look like in the Stone Age?" and "Does cancel culture also exist in the animal kingdom?"

Samatou answers these and other questions in a crazy, fast-paced and thought-provoking evening that is guaranteed to leave no eye dry. With his disarming honesty and quick-wittedness, he leaves all taboos and boundaries behind him.

Salim Samatou has already won the RTL Comedy Grand Prix and is part of Rebell Comedy, with whom he can be seen in the Netflix special "Raus ausm Zoo". He also has his own special on Sky. He has already worked with Comedy Central, WDR and SWR. In the weekly podcast "Vitamin X", he discusses controversial topics in our society with Alain Frei and Marvin Endres and opens up new perspectives with his views.

Salim Samatou on the net
Facebook: Salim Samatou
Instagram: @salimsamatou
Twitter: Salim Samatou

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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