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Scala & Kolacny Brothers

PICK OF THE DAY Concerts & Music 22.11.2023
In the organizer's words:

Scala & Kolacny Brothers come back to Munich for a concert at the Muffathalle.
Scala is a Belgian girls' choir led by the Kolacny Brothers that has shaken up the choral world.

On the one hand with their own songs, but especially with their idiosyncratic, sometimes quite intimate covers of well-known pop/rock numbers. Their music is undoubtedly known to you thanks to the trailer of the Oscar-nominated Hollywood film "The Social Netwerk", or the later "Montage of Heck", the documentary about the figure of Kurt Cobain. Various popular series, such as Downton Abbey, Homeland or The Simpsons, used Scala's music for their episodes.
In the beginning, the piano formed the only accompaniment to the voices. Now they perform all over the world, still with the piano central on stage, but sometimes accompanied by drums, soundscapes and synthesizers. Together with accompanying choreographies and a surprising light show, you get an overall visual and auditory concept.

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Muffathalle Zellstraße 4 81667 München

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