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Sebastian Schnoy - Dummikratie – Warum Deppen Idioten wählen

In the organizer's words:

Political cabaret on the rule of obtuseness and countermeasures

Why is obtuseness so successful? What do politicians think when they opt for the simplest language? Why do political newspapers have the most readers when it comes to back pain? In his new cabaret program "Dummikratie - Warum Deppen Idioten wählen" Sebastian Schnoy fights for enlightenment and against obtuseness. He delivers political cabaret without pointing fingers.

Sebastian Schnoy explains why the FDP is as successful as athlete's foot. Hardly overcome, it's back again. Everyone is the architect of their own fortune. No political camp can do without populism. For some, capitalism has been facing its imminent end for 40 years. Others have been warning about foreign infiltration since Luther's time. Why does fanaticism always beat reason? Us against them!

Dummikratie is Schnoy's all-round attack on every form of simplification. Nasty but conciliatory. Funny but often thoughtful, he remains what he always was: a notorious optimist. Schnoy's cabaret gives you the strength to live and for the next confrontation with jerks, agitators and cynics. He provides new ammunition for tired enlighteners. What is really important to us? And if we know, why don't we celebrate it loudly and audibly with Tschingderassabum? Sebastian Schnoy, winner of eight cultural awards and author of three Spiegel bestsellers, has a lot to say. He is certain of one thing in particular: the nice ones will save the world.

"Entertainment at a high level, almost philosophical with profound humor."
Hannoversche Allgemeine

"Schnoy explains the world in a spirited, irreverent and intelligent way."
Badische Zeitung

Further information about Sebastian Schnoy
Sebastian Schnoy is a multi-award-winning cabaret artist. His programs, in which he humorously illuminates political issues in connection with history, have been successfully presented in his books. Three of his works were Spiegel bestsellers: "Von Napoleon lernen, wie man sich vorm Abwasch drückt", "Smörrebröd in Napoli" and "Heimat ist, was man vermisst". He tours Germany and Switzerland with his cabaret programs and has performed at the Berliner Wühlmäusen, the academixer in Leipzig, the Theater Fauteuil in Basel, Alma Hoppe's Lustspielhaus and Schmidt's TIVOLI in Hamburg. Companies regularly invite him to their events as a keynote speaker. Schnoy has received six cabaret awards and 3Sat has broadcast his solo program. He has been a guest on the NDR talk show, Kabarett aus Franken and the SR Gesellschaftsabend. Prof. Dr. Guido Knopp attested to his amiable view of the peoples of Europe. The FAZ called his program "politically refreshingly incorrect".

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