Seret Aravi - Film Arabi

Film Geschichte Gesellschaft Diskussion Politik Dokumentation Screening Original mit Untertitel
In the organizer's words:

Starting in 1968, Israeli television showed an Arabic film every Friday evening on the only available channel at prime time. For many immigrant Jews, this was the cultural highlight of the week, which they celebrated together with family and neighbors. The documentary Seret Aravi - Film Arabi traces the associated feelings of familiarity and melancholy, asking questions about the social and political entanglements that result from the regular broadcasting of films from the country of the declared enemy.

IL 2015, 60 min, documentary by Eyal S. Bizawe and Sara Tsifroni, OF (Hebrew/Arabic) with English UT.
Film screening followed by discussion with director Eyal Bizawe.
Organized by the Munich Research Center for Jewish-Arab Cultures.

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ASTOR Film Lounge im ARRI Türkenstraße 91 80799 München

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