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SINGING CIRCLE - Music is our Love Language

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Tue. May 21, 2024 | 7 p.m.

Singing Circle

Music is our love language

Hello you loving souls,

You probably know the feeling of campfire evenings: making music and singing together in a circle. It is something very special that conveys a sense of security and connection. That's why we, Chris Boro, Sunny and Mary, have created the "Singing Circle Tribe". We create spaces for music lovers, those with Singing Circle experience and those who simply fancy a new format of joyful coming together in community. In our Singing Circles we come together in community and you can not only connect more deeply with like-minded people, but also with yourself.

It all started with a spontaneous jam session in a living room. For over a year now, we have been organizing regular singing circles in Munich and the surrounding area. We invite you to be exactly who you are and to share what moves you. We create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can escape everyday life for a few hours. You can simply sit back, let yourself be carried by the sounds and decide for yourself whether you want to stay with yourself or connect with others. With the help of self-written mantras and meditations, we immerse ourselves in the moment together and playfully explore the diversity of our voices. We are always accompanied by Chris Boro with his musical creations, which take us into wonderful worlds.

We wholeheartedly invite you to be part of our circle. Because music has the unique power to connect people - regardless of origin or language. That is our vision.

Now the Singing Circle Tribe is moving to Wannda for the summer season and we invite you to uplift yourself in this magical atmosphere through sounds, vibrations and singing together. It will be a time of magic and connection.

The Singing Circle season will open on May 21st and we are delighted to start in a co-creation with Svenja. As a Medicine Musician, Svenja opens up spaces for the healing power of music and vocal expression. Through Medicine Music, Mantras and Voice Activation Practices, Svenja invites you to discover music as medicine for your soul.

Be part of this unique experience as we dive into the world of sound together and connect through music.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Singing Circle Tribe at Wannda!

Sincerely, Chris Boro, Mary and Svenja Hübinger

Please bring a water bottle:

- Water bottle
- seat mat

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Price information:

From 25 €


Wannda Circus Völckerstraße 5 80939 München

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