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Sound Schwestern Vol. 7

In the organizer's words:


TICKET: Soli donation for DJ Taxi and pizzas

START: 22:00 H

END: 05:00 H

Foreword: Hotel Europa is located in the middle of a residential area and the neighbors have tolerated us for 11 years. So please be super quiet in Südstraße and in front of the club - so that we can continue to party together - Peace!

Our cozy living room, the bar and the club open for you today at 8 pm.

Apparently, diversity is the most normal thing in the world for many of us & is perceived as an enrichment. But hand on heart, who could claim to have freed themselves from their preconceptions and a millennia-old world view? Of course, a nice bubble can help and be a moral compass. Outside our nice bubble, the world often looks different. Segregation, rejection and open discrimination - you name it - are still the order of the day! With the "Sound Sisters" format, we want to take a stand and make a small contribution.

"Sound Sisters"

With the party format of the same name, the collective founded at Hotel Europa offers a platform that enables FLINTA people to perform side by side with like-minded people.

By the way, FLINTA stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people

The basic crew of the collective consists of people whose musical spectrum is just as diverse as their age (20 to 60). The collective is fluid and always open to new members with great talent. If you would like to join us, please send us a soundlink via the Hotel Europa Insta account

It would be great if we could encourage as many undiscovered talents as possible to dare to perform on a public stage.

Let's dance the walls that imprison minds and hearts to the ground! The Sound Sisters provide the beat today:

Concert 9pm: "True Romantics" Lady Gaga meets David Bowie in one person.


Cellar: "Hanna", "fishmoon", "Vinesse" // Living room: "DJ Devoth"

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Dein Hotel Europa Aachen Südstraße 54 52064 Aachen

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