PHOTO: © jarilager

Spiller+Cameron Olymps

In the organizer's words:

It is hard to put Spiller+Cameron's passion for the act of building a painting into words. They are constantly challenging their construction skills by meticulously de-assembling and re-assembling various materials and mediums, in order to achieve daring new color combinations, alignments, and expressions of harmony. Spiller+Cameron love to talk about creativity as an alchemical process that turns the nothingness of the pieces into the unity of something worthy of contemplation. Their canvases are intricate collages of painted areas developed over the course of several months. Layers and surfaces from previous studio work are sliced and deconstructed into abstract components, then recomposed and sewn back together for the sake of symmetry and beauty. All of their works have undergone an alchemical process of transformation, having been broken down and destroyed, then restructured and reincarnated into one overall image - from fragments to gold. Instead of gluing the pieces together, Spiller+Cameron prefer stitching. Sewing brings the ultimate precision and structural element to the composition, and there is no better method to create the impression of flawlessly connected individual patterns. Once they are finished, they have a sense of sacred permanence.

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