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The era of the High Republic still has a number of dark spots when it comes to the narrative of the Star Wars universe. Although there are already numerous games and books on the subject, most of them have been removed from the canon since Disney was allowed to wield the lightsaber. So it's time to fill the gap with a series that deals with the rise of the dark side and the eternal feud between Sith and Jedi: "The Acolyte". Set around 100 years before the first cinematic episode, the plot focuses on a Jedi Master investigating a series of murders, in the context of which he also encounters the former Padawan student Mae. It seems that dark forces are in the process of bringing an ancient power from the shadows back into the light. The far-reaching consequences for the later Star Wars universe are probably well known.

We are showing the series in the original English version with German subtitles.

This content has been machine translated.

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2,55 €


Cinenova Köln-Ehrenfeld Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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