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Stefanie Sargnagel // Lesung aus »IOWA«

In the organizer's words:

In 2022, Stefanie Sargnagel reluctantly swaps her comfortable Viennese sofa for a plane ticket to the USA. In Iowa, she is to teach creative writing at
at a small college in the middle of nowhere. In this small town of 8,000 inhabitants, there is nothing but endless cornfields. She sets out
She sets out to explore the nothingness and finds bad food, overweight, friendly locals and an old nostalgic for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Simply "the
special miserable combination of wasteland, fast food and sunsets behind petrol stations". Stefanie Sargnagel's view of the USA is as unique as her
uncompromising, sarcastic and ruthlessly honest, she reports in her typical sound about the American wasteland of the Midwest
and the vital importance of friendships. "'Iowa' is one of the funniest, cleverest and best things the book market has produced in recent weeks," was the Welt am Sonntag's verdict in January. - Stefanie Sargnagel has been associated with asphalt for many years: Her plays "JA, EH!" and "HEIL. Eine energetische Reinigung" were guest performances, and last year she read incredibly entertaining satirical texts from her social media postings on the Seebühne.

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VVK: reduced 12€ // regular 24€ B.O.: reduced 14€ // regular 28€


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